The Red Sea Jazz Festival was established in 1987. An international jazz festival, four days of music, ending the summer vacation in southern Eilat – a resort city by the Red Sea.
RSJF summer venue is at the seaport of Eilat. The summer festival holds three open-air stages plus one stage that’s open to the public, 11-12 concerts per night, 6 clinics and nightly jam sessions.

RSJF winter addition was launched January 2011. Enchanted weekend of jazz in the cozy winter of Eilat.
RSJF Winter takes place in three indoor halls in Eilat's hotels. 6-7 concerts a day, 6 clinics and nightly jam sessions.

RSJF is a public, non-profit festival supported by Eilat Municipality, Ministry of Culture and sport, Ministry of Tourism, Eilat Hotels Association and further institutional associations. Additional incomes are from tickets sales and commercial sponsorships